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Abandoned Cart

What is an Abandoned Cart?

When customers add items to their shopping cart but do not complete their purchase, it is known as an abandoned shopping cart or simply an 'Abandoned Cart'. Following up an 'Abandoned Cart' can lead to a high conversion rate.All this data is readily available with you. Now, here's how you can put that to use -

Email Remarketing

One of the most popular ways of luring back your customers and encouraging them to complete the purchase is by sending them helpful emails. Abandoned cart recovery emails are emails sent to a signed up customer at regular intervals, for instance , 2 hours after the cart abandonment and a day later. A sure way to make your visitors come back and click on that purchase button.

Abandoned Cart Extension

The Abandoned Cart Extension will help you recover abandoned orders.

Sometimes customers do not complete their purchase because of various reasons like a technical glitch, expensive pricing or shipping charges introduced later.

Fortunately, we can collect this data and use it to lure the customers back.The easiest way to recover these orders is to send them recovery emails scheduled at different intervals. Similar to autoresponders that are scheduled for different time slots – 2 hours after the cart abandonment, a day later, 2 days later and so on.

Avactis' abandoned cart recovery extension focuses specifically on this.

This extension includes options like -

  • Managing the abandoned orders

You can analyse all the abandoned orders based on this data and track an abandoned order.

  • Email Scheduler

You can add different Email templates at discrete intervals. This will maximimise the possibility of converting an abandoned cart into a sale.

  • Cart Abandoned Cut-off time setting

The Cut-off time is time after which the first recovery email is sent.

You can set the cut-off time to start the workflow of emails for Abandoned Cart Recovery. This setting can be changed any time.

Abandoned Cart
Abandoned Cart

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