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Golomt (Mongolia) Payment Gateway

This simple extension lets customers to opt for Golomt Payment Gateway. It comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual.

Golomt Bank offers the complete spectrum of commercial and investment banking services to both domestic and international enterprises active in or trading and investing in Mongolia. It has long been the pioneer among Mongolian banks introducing card services, E-banking, adherence to IFRS, appointment of Big 4 external auditors and in the combined fields of transparency and corporate governance.

This is a synchronized payment gateway, meaning once a customer enters his card information, all the processing will happen in the background and the customer will immediately be redirected to the store.

Avactis shopping cart offers an easy integration of Golomt payment processing into our ecommerce shopping cart applications.

Create and run a successful Web store—from the point of purchase to your bottom line — without having to be a computer genius!

The extension requires Avactis 2.1.1. or later to work properly.

Golomt (Mongolia) Payment Gateway
Golomt (Mongolia) Payment Gateway

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