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Mobile Skin

The extension enables a mobile look of your Avactis store for your mobile visitors.

When somebody opens your store on a mobile device, this extension detects that, and shows your store in a special mobile skin instead of your regular skin. At the same time, visitors coming from desktops and laptops continue to see the regular skin and theme, currently selected in Layout Design.

The mobile skin is a lightweight version of the default ("system") skin, optimized for small screens and tight internet connection of mobile devices. All storefront and customer account pages are present and functional, just as in regular skins. Full checkout sequence is supported.

Customization of the mobile skin is possible in terms of our design service.

The extension does not affect your store's Admin Area; it is just for your storefront.

Mobile skin requires Avactis 2.1.1. or later to work properly.

Price includes installation by our staff.

Mobile Skin
Mobile Skin Mobile Skin
Mobile Skin

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