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CCAvenue is South Asia's largest payment gateway solution having more than 100 payment options.

CCAvenue is the only complete payment gateway solution in the region that has the unique ability to offer the full spectrum of Internet payment options.

CCAvenue supports multiple languages, it's checkout page is offered in 18 different languages which provides a wider global reach and engages consumers who prefer content in their native languages.

It is a fully customizable payment gateway so you can customize the look and feel, use your brand logo and modify the color scheme of the checkout page.

CCAvenue facilitates smart, dynamic routing in which gateways of multiple banks are assigned across your account and transaction always takes place through the best performing gateway (in terms of success rate).

In case of failed transaction, customer doesn't have to go through the entire process of online payment, CCAvenue payment gateway provides an easy retry option where the customer is redirected to the intermediary page showing the reason of the failure.

CCAvenue payment gateway integration on your site is simpler because of it's fast and seamless integration API.


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